Course Description

The first part of a two-course sequence that studies the essential concepts, principles and techniques of modern database systems. Topics include modeling and querying of data using conceptual data models as well as the development of a database application.


Textbook Recommendations
Because of the high cost of text books, I did not require any course textbooks. However, I highly recommend each student purchasing The Database Complete Book. This will be the primary reference for the class. The more examples you work out, the better you will perform in the course. If you are unable to obtain the text book please let me know.

Note, Database Systems: The Complete Book contains the content of A First Course in Database Systems. If you purchase the Complete Book you do not need to purchase one or the other.

Contact Prefix the subject of all emails with 'CIS4301'.


Christan Grant Office hours: M W 4th Period (or by appointment) Office: CSE E457 or CSE E309 Email: cgrant @ cise

Teaching Assistant

Yang Peng Office hours: M W 7th Period Office: CSE E309 Email: ypeng @ cise

Teaching Assistant

Shuang Lin Office hours: T R 4th Period Office: CSE E309 Email: slin @ cise


Yin Xie Office hours: Office: CSE E309 Email: yin @ cise


Extra Credit
4/16/2013 Class will meet in the dungeon CSE E114 on 4/18 and 4/21
4/13/2013 The take-home quiz and assignment (Due April 16th 11:55a) have been posted to Sakai.
4/13/2013 Slides for Map Reduce lecture
3/26/2013 Example php + database+ ajax application: MADden/web
3/13/2013 Phase 3 has been posted here. Start now!
3/13/2013 The extra credit assignment has been posted here.
3/12/2013 As announced in class, Quiz 2 will be in-class on 3/24.
2/5/2013 Office hours for today will be canceled. Please take advantage of the Academic Tutoring Center.
1/28/2013 Quiz 1 will be in class on 2/7.
1/27/2013 Assignment 2 is released on Sakai and Piazza and due on Monday 2/3/14 at 11:55pm
1/27/2013 Assignment 1 E-R Diagram solution is out on Sakai.
1/13/2013 Assignment 1 is released and due on 1/21 midnight Wednesday 1/22 at 11:59pm
1/8/2013 Added a link pointing to where to sign up for a department postgres account
12/5/2013 The class syllabus is now available. Be sure to read it!
12/2/2013 The class website is up!


Jan 6 First day of class! Syllabus and course review
Jan 8 Second day of class! History of Databases
Jan 10 First Friday of class Cont. History of Databases; Overview of DBMS
Jan 13 Monday, Monday! Overview of DBMS; Relational Model
Jan 17 Pop Quiz Day! ...jk ER Diagrams; SQL
Jan 20 No Class Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Jan 22 Career Showcase Day ER Diagrams; SQL introduction
Jan 24 Bring your laptops SQL Introduction
Jan 27 Be sure to read DSCB Relational Algebra
Jan 31 Continuing SQL SQL; Expanded Relational Algebra
Feb 3 SQL + Relational Algebra
Feb 5 SQL + Relational Algebra
Feb 7 DSCB chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 Quiz #1 Review
Feb 10 Quiz 1 Extended Quiz #1
Feb 12 Start building groups More SQL, Constraints
Feb 14 Yang Chen guest lecturing Yang Chen: Probabilistic Logic Databases
Feb 17 Dr. Dave Stanton guest lecturing "Discovery and prioritization process for building apps."
Feb 19 Set regular meeting times with your groups SQL Constraints
Feb 21 Transactions, Views and Indexes Transactions, Views and Indexes
Feb 24 SQL Functions SQL, plpgsql, plpython
Feb 26 Sean Goldberg guest lecturing Crowd Sourcing
Feb 28 Pierre St. Juste guest lecturing Distributed databases and their applications
Mar 3 No Class Spring Break
Mar 5 No Class Spring Break
Mar 7 No Class Spring Break
Mar 10 Nick Antonelli guest lecturing Grooveshark Architecture; Managing DB at Scale; NoSQL
Mar 12 Assignment 3 Review Assignment 3 in-class discussion
Mar 14 Assignment 3 Review Assignment 3 in-class discussion
Mar 21 Quiz Review Quiz Review
Mar 24 Quiz #2 In-class Quiz
Mar 26 Front End Programming HTML + PHP + JQuery
Mar 28 Group Meetup Day No Lecture
Apr 2 Front End Programming PHP Continued
Apr 7 Manipulating Databases from Java JDBC, PREPARE, ANALYZE, EXPLAIN
Apr 9 Presentation Discussion + Version Control Systems Git
Apr 14 Map Reduce Map Reduce
Apr 18 Presentation Practice (meet in the dungeon) Meet in CSE E11{4,5,6}
Apr 23 In-class quiz Quiz 3