Computer Graphics   cap 5705

Computer Graphics is the introductory graphics course. Students will learn to program interactive graphics environments, basic illumination and modeling of curved geometry (camera, light and actors). Currently, the learning environment is OpenGL (with extensions) and C or C++.
Central concepts are: curves, surfaces, composition, matrix multiplication, parametrization.
Familiarity with C or C++ is helpful -- otherwise the learning curve is quite steep in the first weeks.
course catalog description:   Credits: 3; abet Disability info        

Instructor: Dr. Jorg Peters jorg at
Office Hours:
CIS 328
THU 2pm
TA: TA page
programming environment: C , UNIX, Linux, MS
sample code
grading: three tests 50%
homeworks=projects 50%
standard academic honesty rules apply
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reading: Textbook(s)    Course Notes
prerequisites: see course catalogue
place and time: E221 T4,R4-5 (10:40--11:35, 10:40--12:20)
attendance: your problem if you miss material make-up: notify me by e-mail 1 week ahead
13D slot Thursday 3-5PM