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Digital Arts and Sciences (DAS) - FAQ

Why should I be interested in Digital Arts and Sciences (DAS)?

The DAS degree programs at the University of Florida provide the student with a deep knowledge of human-centered computing. This knowledge is achieved through a solid mathematics, science, and computer science core. There is an extension of this core to topics including human-computer interaction, computer graphics, computer simulation, computer vision, virtual environments, ubiquitous computing, and aesthetic computing.

What is human-centered computing?

Human-centered computing is defined in Wikipedia as "an emerging, interdisciplinary academic field broadly defined with computing and computational artifacts as they relate to the human condition." While there are many aspects to human-centered computing, the DAS program focuses teaching the student the relationship between the human and media through computational methods. This relationship informs areas such as digital games, cinematic effects, visualization, and mixed reality.

What kinds of jobs are available for DAS graduates?

Most jobs of the future will require a strong knowledge of graphics, sound, and sensory immersion and engagement. So, our DAS degree programs can be thought of as a "next generation" CS degree. Here is a list of Job Possibilities for students who obtain the BS or MS in DAS.

How do I choose which degree to seek?

Since DAS is spread between two Colleges (Engineering and Fine Art), you may be torn between each. You should imagine that DAS did not exist and then ask yourself which college would best suit your degree requirements. For example, if you would choose a degree in Fine Art, you should enter the College of Fine Art; otherwise, choose the College of Engineering (where the CISE Department is housed). Once you have chosen the College, make sure to visit the relevant web area: Computer and Information Science and Engineering or Fine Art.

Are there communities for DAS topics?

There is a Facebook group for Digital Arts and Sciences.

How long will it take to complete the DAS Degree program?

The undergraduate degree program can be done in 4 years and the graduate program in 1-2 years, but as with any degree program, there are fluctuations based on your desired rate of progress toward satisfying degree requirements, course staffing and semester availability of courses.

Who are the CISE faculty who teach and research in DAS-related areas?

We have a great set of faculty who teach and research in the DAS area. Explore their home pages!