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Digital Arts and Sciences (DAS) - Curriculum

Because the DAS program is multidisciplinary, students will take courses primarily in the fields of computer science, mathematics, digital arts, fine arts, and communication.

Students must first complete fundamental computer science and digital arts courses, along with mathematics and science courses before continuing onto specific upper-level electives. Many courses have specific prerequisites that must be taken into consideration upon choosing coursework for the next semester. A sample 4-year tracking sheet is included as an example below.

Every student will see a CISE Academic Advisor to assist in planning and to answer any questions.

To complete a Bachelors of Science in Engineering, students will have:

  • 5 Mathematics courses
  • 3 Physical Science courses and labs
  • 6 DAS Specific courses
  • 9 Computer Science and Engineering courses
  • 5 Interdiciplinary courses
  • and 3 courses related to Fine Arts

In-Depth detail to the course requirements can be found in the Degree Requirements links below:

Catalog Year 2013-present

Catalog Year 2012 and previous

Combined BS/MS Program in Digital Arts and Science

Students also have the opportunity to apply to the Combined BS/MS degree in Digital Arts and Sciences. More information about the program can be found here, or by speaking to a CISE Academic Advisor.