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Computer Science (CSE), College of Engineering

The Computer Science program combines a strong engineering oriented technical basis with a flexible interdisciplinary component and an emphasis on communication skills. This flexibility will be increasingly important in the future as computers become important tools in an ever-increasing number of fields.

Students in the engineering computer science (EG-CSE) program will satisfy the same requirements for general education and obtain the same engineering pre-professional background in mathematics and science as other engineering students. The program contains a strong technical component comprising a set of required courses covering essential areas in computing and a set of technical electives enabling students to deepen their knowledge in chosen areas of computer science and engineering. In addition, the program includes a set of interdisciplinary electives in an area of the student's choice. This area may be chosen from anything the university has to offer. Students may choose an established minor, a predefined "track," or if nothing available meets their needs, work with an advisor to develop their own program. Thus, students will not need to wait for an interdisciplinary program to be established; they can create their own.

To answer the demands of industry for employees with both technical competence and the ability to communicate effectively, the program requires communication courses beyond the usual engineering general education requirements.

More Information

Interested students should contact a CISE Academic Advisor or visit the CISE Student Services Center (E405 CSE Building).