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Departmental Computer Resources

The Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering includes the following shared departmental computer resources.

CISE Department

Five CISE servers (one Solaris SPARC, two Ubuntu 14.04 Linux, and two Windows 20008R2 servers) are available via SSH, VNC or remote desktop to all departmental users to run jobs, and to log in to from remote locations.

Faculty members have access to 2 dedicated servers.

All faculty offices are equipped with a Windows or Linux workstation. Standard software installations include Ubuntu 14.04 or Windows 7, Java, jGRASP, many Microsoft packages from the Microsoft Development Academic Alliance, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

Database servers and software includes MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

Wireless access is available throughout the CSE Building and all of campus, including student dorms, cafeterias, and other public areas.

The classrooms in the CSE building are equipped with multimedia support and computers housed in a locked kiosk. All have access to the University’s wireless network.

The UF College of Engineering requires all students possess an adequately-provisioned laptop computer ensuring easy access to all resources in the classrooms.

The bulk of the CISE’s disk storage comes from a Sun 7410 with 66TB of raw disk space.
An additional 300TB is provided by other servers.

There are about 35 servers running a mix of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, 7 and Solaris 10 providing such services as:

  • web hosting
  • email
  • database hosting—MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Kerberos / LDAP authentication
  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • backups via Tivoli Storage Manager and disk based rsyncs
  • Samba
  • NFS
  • security-related services

CISE's web services are supported on a Dell R720 , 128GB of memory, and 32 2.6 Intel Xeon CPUs. They serve Department content, user content, and various Departmental web applications.

CISE has about 220 Linux PCs running the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 110 Windows 7 PCs. They serve as lab machines and workstations for students, Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, and Faculty. Of these, 34 Windows PCs and 90 Linux PCs are in public labs that are intended for general student use as well as use in lab sections of graduate and undergraduate classes.

CISE has a shared compute cluster consisting of a head node with 16 2,6 gHz AMD Opteron cores , 32GB of memory and 40TB of storage with 15 worker nodes with dual Opterons and 16GB of memory running Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.x.

CISE has a 5 GPU-specific servers, each with NVIDIA GPUs, and the NVIDIA's CUDA parallel computing platform and application programming interface.

These machines have dual 12 core Opteron CPU’s, 64GB of memory and 5 TB of storage per node.
The 5 GPU servers currently are provisioned with 1 GeForce GTX 590, 1 GeForce GTX 680, 1 Tesla C2050, dual GeForce GTX 560 Ti cards, and dual Tesla K20c cards.

All servers in the CISE Department are connected with 1 Gb Ethernet to the switching backbone. Inter-switch uplinks are transitioning from 6+ 1Gb Etherchannel ports to 10Gb.

The newest servers have 10 GB connections for network storage to a private 10 Gb network.

CISE's Cisco network hardware includes a Catalyst 6513, one Catalyst 6509E, and three Catalyst 4506e providing routing and switch capabilities to the more than 600 devices and 80 networks in the Department.

CISE's external connection is via 1Gb fiber connection to the University of Florida’s core network.

A unique printing solution allows the department to offering free printing based upon a quota system to all students and Teaching and Research assistance.