Diversity and Inclusion

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Inclusive Excellence is the active process of including and respecting everyone as we strive for excellence and equitable outcomes in all we do at the University of Florida. Daily actions toward Inclusive Excellence are the responsibility of every one of us.

ABCs of fostering Inclusive Excellence at UF:

  • Advocate for everyone’s success.
  • Be an ally to others as you partner with your colleagues on DEI work.
  • Celebrate your successes!



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CS Teaching Tips

Tailor your teaching with Computer Science Teaching Tips. Click the thumbnails below to view or download a PDF.

Tips for Reducing Bias

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Committees on Inclusion Diversity Equity and Access (IDEA)

Kyla McMullen, Ph.D., has agreed to serve as CISE’s representative on the College’s IDEA committee.

In addition to having faculty representation on IDEA, the department also has a CISE IDEA committee, which includes faculty, staff and students.

Staff Members

CISE Marketing & Communication Specialist

Student Members



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Spotlight: Gloria Katuka

Gloria Katuka first saw a laptop when she was 12 years old, a moment she has never forgotten on her journey to becoming a computer scientist. Years later, Katuka has spent her time finding ways to bring computer science to K-12 students, even founding InTECHgrate, a nonprofit that provides after-school…

Alumni Spotlight: Chris Crawford

Chris Crawford, Ph.D., may have taken a different path in life had a storm not fried his computer. “It was literally a lightning strike that propelled me into computer science,” said Dr. Crawford (HCC Ph.D. ’17), an assistant professor at the University of Alabama Department of Computer Science. The computer…

Alumni Spotlight: Rhonda Holt

Growing up in Gainesville, FL, Rhonda Holt, the senior vice president of information technology at the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), assumed she would be pursuing aerospace as a profession. The space program was gearing up in Florida, and like many people, she had grown up watching space shuttle take-offs. But,…

Spotlight: Posadas Graduates as the First Latina to Earn a Ph.D. from UF CISE

The University of Florida Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) is proud to announce the graduation of Brianna Posadas, Ph.D., the first Latina to earn a doctoral degree from the department. Dr. Posadas, who wants to pursue agricultural technology policy and usability in agricultural engineering design, passed…