Tamer Kahveci

Associate Professor
Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering

Address: CSE Building, Room E566,
University of Florida,
Gainesville, FL, 32611-6125
Phone: 1-352-505 1554
Fax: 1-352-392 1220


You can find my CV here (doc) (pdf). I am the director of the Bioinformatics Lab. My research focuses on indexing, storing, accessing and use of bioinformatics data (More).


A list of my publications is available at PubMed and at the DBLP server. More complete list can be found here.



Currently, I am serving as a PC co-chair for ACM-BCB 2012 and Bio-KDD 2012. I am also a PC member for numerous conferences including VLDB, ICDE, ISMB, CSB, ICDM, KDD and BCB. I often serve as a referee in various journals, including VLDBJ, TCBB, TKDE, TODS, DKE, Bioinformatics and BMC Bioinformatics. I am a member of the editorial review board for our the journal "International Journal of Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics (IJKDB)" Also, I am the lead guest editor of the Journal of Advances in Bioinformatics, special issue on "Computational analysis of biological networks". Previously, I have served for (More).

Prospective Students

Please read this if you are interested in working with me.
Tamer Kahveci
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