Artificial Intelligence (CAP 4621) -- Fall 2002


Old Announcements

12/17 Final numeric grades are posted.
12/9 Here are the solutions to the homework.

Note that you are encouraged to bring calculators to the exam.

12/9 Project 2 will be returned in class on Wednesday. Brian will be at his regularly scheduled office hours on Thursday, Dec. 12 to discuss re-grade questions concerning project 2.
12/6 Topics for exam three (doc, html).

"Homework" problems for fuzzy logic are posted here. These homework problems will not be collected, but you are encouraged to work them in preparation for the exam.

11/24 You may find a hastily constructed trace through the backward chaining algorithm to be useful.
11/22 Please be aware of the following error in the unify algorithm in the text. It would have you replace constants with variables. (See the errata page.): Page 303, Figure 10.3, line -1: Change "{x/var}" to "{var/x}"

You will not be penalized for submission by Tuesday 11:59pm.

11/21 Answers to the example files are posted in the projects section.

Example 17 has been simplified in order to avoid any chance of infinite recursion.

11/20 Changes to project two:
  • Tier 3 is now extra credit. Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 are worth 40, 30, and 7 points respectively for a possible total of 77/70 points.
  • You may submit your code by 11:59pm, Tuesday 11/26 and your report by 8:30am, Wednesday, but you will receive a 15% late penalty. If you want to take this option, you will need to use the project identifier LATE_project_java or LATE_project_c with the turnin command. No projects will be accepted after that time.
11/19 Eric is cancelling office hours for next Wednesday, November 27th. He'll have an extra set of office hours this Friday from 9:30am to 11:30am.
11/14 Homework 08 is posted. It's due next Wednesday before class.
11/6 We've posted the first installment of example files. Remember the filename convention:
00-19 Tier 1
20-39 Tier 2
40-59 Tier 3
60-   Just for fun
Check the directory occasionally for new and corrected files.
11/5 Brian is cancelling office hours on Tuesday, November 12th. He will be available Thursday, November 14th periods 6-8 (12:50-3:50pm).
11/5 Exam two topics as discussed in lecture
10/30 I posted the Nono Prolog example from lecture. As well as links to the Prolog tutorial referenced in lecture and the Otter homepage.
10/28 For homework seven, show all of your work. Particularly on problems two and four, show intermediate steps. You're welcome to turn in hand-written solutions to this assignment.
10/25 Homework seven is posted. It is due on Friday (11/1) before class.



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