Research and software development in sparse matrix algorithms

by Tim Davis

Research is supported by the National Science Foundation, Sandia National Laboratories, Google, and NVIDIA.
SuiteSparse as an Ubuntu Linux package (bug-free, 2007 to 2012)
SuiteSparse as a Debian Linux package (no bugs reported except for a few minor configuration glitches created by the Debian maintainers created the SuiteSparse Debian package)

SuiteSparse is used by Google Street View in their Ceres Solver for nonlinear least squares problems. Without Ceres and SuiteSparse, nearly all photos in Google Street View would be in the wrong position; "standing" at one place might give you the house next door, or a house might appear in what should be an empty field. Ceres + SuiteSparse enables Google to get it right.
Used in MATLAB (x=A\b, chol, lu, qr, dmperm, sparse*dense, amd, colamd). Three bugs reported in 15 years, over 120K lines of code. This result makes the code three times more reliable than NASA's highest achievable level of reliability.
NVIDIA Academic Partner. CHOLMOD can now exploit an NVIDIA GPU, with support for the CUDA BLAS.

The new 3D imagery for Google Earth relies on SuiteSparse (via the Ceres nonlinear least squares solver developed by Google). See the Engadget article on Google Maps / Earth for more information.
Likewise, Google Ceres and SuiteSparse are used to create all of Google's PhotoTours
Google uses Ceres to fuse sensor data for Google Street View.
University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection
2006 SIAM plenary talk


Packages or companies that rely on SuiteSparse

See http://www.cise.ufl.edu/~davis/research.html for a very partial list. If you'd like a link there, please drop me a line.