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Real-Life Mr. Robots Dropped A Stop On Ransomware But Mr. Robot Scriptwriters Didn't Get The Memo

A team of researchers at the University of Florida’s Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research led by Nolen Scaife and Patrick Traynor has developed an early-warning detection system called CryptoDrop that stops ransomware from encrypting all of your files.

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Embedded Systems Lab wins ISQED Best Paper Award

CISE PhD student Yuanwen Huang and his advisor Prof. Prabhat Mishra won the Best Paper Award at the IEEE International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED 2016) for their paper entitled “Reliability and Energy-aware Cache Reconfiguration for Embedded Systems”.
This paper has developed optimization techniques to balance conflicting design constraints such as energy and reliability. Cache  vulnerability  due  to  soft  errors  is  one  of the  reliability  concerns  in  embedded  systems.