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Interviewer: One week I get to see Tim Berners-Lee, the Father of the Web, and the next week I get to meet with the Mother of the Internet. What more could a networking editor ask for?

Perlman: Mother of the Internet. That's kind of a strange marketing sound bite. I cringe when people emphasize my gender, because it's really a very small part of my life, especially my professional life. Recently a recruiter for a company sent me e-mail saying, “We are particularly interested in you as a female thought leader.” I didn't reply, because I wasn't interested in the job, but I fantasized about replying: “Thank you for your interest. Although my credentials as a thought leader are impeccable, I must warn you that I am not qualified as a female. I can't walk in heels, I have no clothing sense, and I'm not particularly decorative. What aspects of being female are important for this position?”— Radia Perlman (interview in Network World)